How to fix Hp envy photo 6255 that won’t connect to the Wi-Fi issue?

Wouldn’t connect to the Wi-Fi network using your HP Envy Photo 6255 printer? We have an easy solution to bring the active Wi-Fi wireless setup to your desired printer and system interface connections. Utilize the HP Official page using your printer keys to get the exact solution for your printer issues in no time.

Before committing to the troubleshooting procedure, you have to ensure with the HP Envy Photo 6255 driver Software using the appropriate system settings & handling. Once you find the driver is fine with its latest version, you can proceed with the given guidelines to retrieve the active network connectivity.

  • First and foremost, ensure the connected network is not buffering and within the network coverage area,
  • If you didn’t receive the uninterrupted network, place the wireless router nearby the printer setup by eradicating the visible obstructions between the printer and system.
  • Gently open the input tray and look for sufficient paper sheets for it. Try to choose the quality paper sheets to load the input tray according to your requirements.
  • Move on with the Wireless or Setup icon and hit the Network setup or Settings  Utilize the option on the next page –Restore network settings.
  • Enter the proper network credentials into the given field and wait for the wireless configuration to get initiated.
  • Confirm the HP Envy Photo 6255 printer shows a Wi-Fi light without any visible blinks. Now, you can proceed next.
  • Then, connect through the HP Official page or Manual to make sure with the setup requirements & set it to the default.
  • Try to alter the required network settings and connect it to the default.
  • On the other hand, disconnect the existing connection and connect through the new Wi-Fi setup.
  • Further, confirm whether the printer and system devices are free from any disturbance.
  • Connect through the Printers & Scanners via the control panel
  • Proceed with the list of available products or devices to select one.
  • Right-click to the active HP Envy Photo 6255 printer and look whether the printer is online or not.
  • Now, get it back online using the option- use printer online.
  • Click the printer settings to default and restart the printer in accordance with the wireless router.
  • Conduct a test print and ensure the Wi-Fi connection. If you can’t perform the print work, do the Network configuration test print.
  • If required, retry all the above steps and continue the print work attempt.

Still, if you couldn’t proceed with the print work wirelessly, Call Our Technical Team for easy solutions & service.