How to Fix HP Envy Pro 7855 Offline Error?

The HP Envy Pro 7855 delivers quality printing solutions. However, while using the printer, you may face some problems. One such is the “Printer offline”. Though you may experience a printer offline problem, you can fix it with ease.  Here we are showcasing the solutions for this problem. Follow the steps below to fix the “printer offline” error without hassle.

1. To begin with, open your device. Download the HP Scan Doctor on the device. The HP Scan Doctor will identify the reason for the offline error. Then, ensure that no other printer is in connection with your desktop. If connected, unplug it and then check whether the printer is showing offline.
2. After that, check and confirm that your envy 7855 is the default printer. If not, then it might affect the printing job.

3. Additionally, check and verify that you updated the software on the device. You have to stay updated with all the software updates. With this, you will get to know if any software needs an update.

4. Another way to ensure your printer is online is to restart your printer. Turn off your HP Envy Pro 7855 printer and unplug the USB cable. Then, reconnect the USB cord to the printer and power source. Now, power up the printer. Then turn on the computer and add your printer again onto it. Now, check whether your printer is showing offline.

5. Check the printer tray and ensure that it is not causing any problems on the screen.


Now, I hope you all are clear with the solutions we gave in this blog. Though we clearly explained ways to solve the HP printer offline error, call us for any query.