How to Fix HP Printer Light Blinking Issue?

HP printers have always worked effectively and have been known for their quality outputs, their efficiency in performance and their ability to remain cost-effective. These printers have been in the market for years for the sole reason of them being an excellent product. But now and then the printer will face issues that would cause the printer to function effectively. Sometimes the issue could be the HP Printer Light Blinking. Is the HP Printer Light Blinking? If this is the issue you are facing, then follow the below instructions to remove the issue and to continue using the HP Printer without any issues. 

Now, how these lights blink is an indication that the printer is performing a certain task. But when all the lights are constantly flickering, then there is an issue that has to be rectified. 

What are the reasons why the HP printer light blinking issue exists?

It is vital to understand the reason behind why the lights are flickering on the HP printer. 

  • Power light – While the HP printer is performing a task. 
  • Constant blinking light – there is an error. 
  • Light blinking fast – access door is opened. 
  • Flashing resume light – paper jam. 
  • The power light and resume light blinking – restart the device. 
  • Power and error light blinking – loss connection. 

What are the steps that should be followed to remove the troubleshooting error to fix the HP Printer light blinking issue? 

This is a common issue that occurs and when this takes place the issue can be removed in a simple few steps. All that should be done is to follow the simple instructions mentioned below. The steps are to be followed accurately to avoid any further issues with the printer. 

Option 1 – this method can be used when the lights on the printer as constantly blinking. All the available lights will begin to blink rapidly and cause an issue with the printer. It is best to begin the process of removing the blinking lights by restarting the printer. 

Follow the steps as mentioned below to reset the HP printer

  • While the HP Printer is powered up, remove the power cord from the rear end of the printer and then from the power supply. 
  • Allow the HP printer to remain idle for a few minutes. 
  • Then, connect the power cord back to the printer, first to the rear end of the printer and then the other end to the power supply. 
  • The printer will be connected back on its own without any issue. 
  • This will allow the blinking lights to stop and there will be no other issue with the printer. 

Another alternative method that can be used to remove the issue of the HP printer’s light blinking is as below. There is no need to proceed with this step if the first has already worked and the issue has been solved. 

  • Open the access door and remove the printer ink cartridges carefully from the printer. 
  • Disconnect the printer power cord from the printer’s end and then from the power supply.
  • Remove the USB cable that is connecting the printer and the device. 
  • Once all the connections have been removed, allow the printer to remain idle for a few minutes. 
  • Following this, connect the power cord and the USB cable to the power supply and the device, respectively. 
  • Turn the HP printer back on. This will allow the printer lights to stop blinking. 

The above steps that have been mentioned will help in the process of removing the blinking lights that can be found on the printer. To remove these issues, all the steps must be followed systematically. If you are unable to follow the elaborate steps to remove the issue, then you have the option of contacting us for further assistance to remove the HP printer issue