How to Reset an HP Printer?

Do you want to reset your HP Printer? Here, we have a bunch of steps to be followed to reset the HP Printer easily and comfortably. Resetting the printer may help to remove the printer’s minor bugs and can enhance the printer’s functions and handlings.

You can refer to the HP Official page for instant and further printer-related issues or doubts. Or else Reach our technical team for the instant Assist.

Use the given steps to Reset the HP Printer quickly

  1. With reference to the printer setup, you need to keep the printer ON- status and try to safely disconnect the power cords and other USB cables from the printer.
  2. If required you can use the HP Manual or HP Official page for locating the power ports and efficient disconnecting.
  3. Eventually, remove or unplug the other end of the power cables from the power source.
  4. Now, let it be idle for a few seconds up to 60 seconds approximately.
  5. Try to reconnect the power cords safely to the respective ports and sooner to the wall outlet.
  6. Now, the printer will reset and turn on automatically.
  7. Once you find the printer shows the active display, you can ensure with the startup settings and start the print work.
  8. Go for the test print and ensure with the configuration report.

Factory reset on HP Printer

Factory Reset is the procedure to get back the printer to the state where you can feel the new printer settings. It is simple to perform the reset procedure using the given steps below.

You can directly use the HP Official page or HP Manual to locate certain settings and ports for the best result.

Carry out with the given steps to easily complete the Factory Reset on the HP Printer.

  1. Use the HP Official page and sign in as Administrator to the respective printer web page.
  2. Connect to the general tab to select the Reset Factory settings option from the menu.
  3. Use the Reset firmware– pick the Reset option.
  4. Once you hit the Reset option, the printer will automatically restart.
  5. In the next step, you need to set the date and time.
  6. If you feed the time and date incorrectly, the printer may not work.
  7. Further, you can change the password if required using the Administrator account.
  8. You can use the Security tab to enter the new password and verify the password. Then, hit the apply option and close the setup.