How to scan from HP Deskjet Plus 4155e printer on windows & Mac?

The scanning feature is dependent upon the individual printer setup, which can add-up an advantage to the desired printer module for the users to access the Multi-function gadget. 

Before starting the scanning procedure on your HP Deskjet Plus 4155e printer setup, confirm with the printer driver software & scan software if required. Operate through the given steps to perform the scanning procedure on your active Windows and Mac system.

Windows system

  • Initially, you have to download the required HP Deskjet Plus 4155e printer driver software.
  • Confirm with the network and other printer necessities for the problem-free scanning process.
  • Use the appropriate windows settings to activate the scan settings.
  • Open the Scan section and choose the Manage Scan to computer> Enable. 
  • Then, access the scanner glass lid and wipe out the dust to get efficient quality scanning work.
  • Choose the document to be scanned and place it correctly on the scanner glass to start the scanning procedure.
  • Gently close the access door after resetting the scan settings needed like scan type, and other necessities, and finalize with the scan icon.
  • Wait until the scanning procedure completes and enjoy the professional scanning using the Windows system.


  • Initially, you have to inspect the Mac system, and printer arrangements are appropriate to proceed with the scanning work.
  • Then, ensure the scanning software and other printer’s driver software for the hassle-free scanning work.
  • Then, enable the scan settings on your Mac devices using the below steps.
  • Proceed using the HP Utility> Scan Settings> Scan to computer> Enable. 
  • Gently place the scanning document on the Scanner bed by Print-side up.
  • Make use of the printer software and pick the Scan a Document or Photo option.
  • Prefer the option- Type of Scan > Scan.
  • Select the file format and try to save the scanned field on Mac using the scanning options like Scan to email, Scan using web scan, Scan using editable text, and more.

How to inspect the Scanner Bar:

  1. First, look at the Scanner bed and eradicate all the dust & other particles from the bed.
  2. Proceed with the scan and copy button to inspect the Scan function. If you feel the Scanner doesn’t have any stable light, give it to the Service Center.
  3. If the scanner bed is active with light and doesn’t scan, you can Call our Technical team to assist you further.