HP Deskjet 3772 Printer

Complete the download and installation of the HP Deskjet 3772   printer driver using the guidelines mentioned here.

HP Deskjet 3772 Printer - Overview

For the best printing experience, just make use of the HP Manual and HP Official page to setup the HP Deskjet 3772 printer setup using your compatible system devices. Grab and know the printer-related features to features and characteristics of the printer, further to connect effectively through the wireless and mobile-capable devices. Utilize the given set of instructions and finish the setup, driver, and wireless setup using compatible system support.

The step-by-step instructions for HP Deskjet 3772 printer setup are:

  • Carefully unwrap the HP Deskjet 3772 printer and its components from the package.
  • Confirm with the nearby electric socket and keep the respective printer near to it.
  • Make use of the provided USB cord to interface the power outlet and HP printer.
  • Support through the HP Manual and do the printer setup procedures.
  • Connect through the printer startup settings and operate through the ink cartridge cabinet.
  • Try to unpack the new ink cartridges to fix them to the provided slots.
  • Ensure you are free from the jam-errors in the paper sheets, flatten the curved edges and load sufficient paper sheets.
  • Then, start the download and installation process on your computer.
  • At the end of the driver installation procedure, choose the network setup method between devices.
  • Do the sample print work using the HP Deskjet 3772 printer setup.
HP Deskjet 3772 Driver

HP Deskjet 3772 Driver Download & Install

Driver setup is the source to enjoy the printer specifications and handlings by downloading the desired driver with its latest version. Here, we have a driver setup for Mac and windows.

HP Deskjet 3772 Driver Download – Windows

The guidelines of HP Deskjet 3772 driver setup for windows are given below:

  • Initially, you need to switch ON the printer.
  • Then, on the active windows, visit the HP Official page using the required printer keys.
  • Wait for the list of driver names for your keys.
  • Hit the download button once your appropriate settings are proper.
  • Further, you need to proceed with the Deskjet 3772 printer driver software on your active device.
  • Once the download is mad, start the driver installation process.
  • Connect through the given on-screen instructions to finish the HP Deskjet 3772 driver setup.
  • At last, do the test print using the windows driver setup.

HP Deskjet 3772 Driver Download – MAC

The stepwise of HP Deskjet 3772 driver download and set up for MAC are given below:

  • Switch ON the compatible MAC
  • Make sure the network and other configurations are appropriate to the Mac.
  • Use the driver page by browsing through the Mac-supported web-source via the HP Official page.
  • Further, you need to download the HP Deskjet 3772 driveron the system.
  • Direct through the downloaded driver file in the folder on your Mac system.
  • Make use of the Runoption on the downloaded driver software to initiate the installation process.
  • Carry out using the given on-screen guidelines.
  • At last, ensure with the trial print to confirm the driver setup

HP Deskjet 3772 Wireless Setup

Wireless setup is the place where you can expect your absence of connecting or power cables to connect or configure.

HP Smart App

Wireless setup instructions using the HP Smart App are:

  • First, download and save the driver software on the device.
  • Then, you need to double-click the software to proceed with the wireless setup process.
  • On the next page, use the provided on-screen guidelines.
  • Complete the on-screen using the wizard page and open the software. 
  • Direct through the app settings through the home screen settings.
  • Operate through the HP Smart App settings and Tap Add a Printer.
  • At last, use the add your Deskjet 3772 printer using the wizard steps and complete the process.
  • Do the trial print work.

Wireless Setup Wizard

The procedure for HP Deskjet 3772 wireless setup is:

  • Initially, you need to start the HP Deskjet 3772 printer.
  • Confirm whether the network is problem-free and accessible.
  • Operate through the printer’s control panel and choose the wireless menu.
  • Work through the next proceedings like- wireless setup wizard.
  • Then, connect through the desired Wireless network name from the available list of network names shown.
  • Further, connect through the HP Deskjet 3772 Wi-Fi setup steps to print wirelessly.
  • Open the folder to choose the desired file from the system to start the wireless print work.
  • At last, ensure with the trial print work using the HP Deskjet 3772 wireless setup.

HP Deskjet 3772 Troubleshooting

HP Deskjet 3772 not working

  • Initially, you need to turn ON the HP Deskjet 3772 printer and wait for any message.
  • Ensure whether all the cables are connected properly to the respective ports.
  • Confirm whether the printer and the device are connected under the same wireless connection.
  • Open the ink cartridge tray and insert the ink cartridges into the slots given.
  • Open the paper input tray and load the quality paper sheets.
  • If you see any update for the printer driver, do it right there.
  • Finish the procedure using stable network support.
  • Reinstall the printer driver software if needed and proceed further.

HP Deskjet 3772 is not online

  • Initially, you need to switch ON the respective HP Deskjet 3772 printer.
  • Inspect the printer settings on the device.
  • Access through the Settings app on the drive, open Printers and Device.
  • Connect through the desired HP Deskjet 3772 from the list and right-click to it.
  • Set the printer to online mode and do any changes if required.
  • Make sure the printer is set to function as the default printer.
  • Eventually, prefer the option- set as default and apply the changes.
  • Restart the printer and continue with the trial print work using the HP Deskjet 3772 printer

HP Deskjet 3772 fails to print documents

  • First, you need to activate the HP Deskjet 3772 printer and the system device.
  • Inspect whether the printer and the device are connected to a stable & active wireless connection.
  • Ensure whether both the printer and the system devices are under the same network connection.
  • Eventually, confirm with the desired cables connection with reference to the printer and system intact.
  • Look whether the ink cartridges are sufficient and load sheets of paper onto the paper feeding tray.
  • Meanwhile, look at whether the driver is updated and the device software is updated.
  • Now, you need to restart the printer and check if it is functioning.
  • Finally, Contact Our Technical Team for easy assist & solutions.

HP Deskjet 3772 Factory Reset

  • First, you need to turn ON the printer and use the control panel on the printer.
  • Tap the settings option or select the tools icon on the screen.
  • Move the cursor towards down and pick the Restore Default Settings.
  • Carry out the given instructions as shown on the screen.
  • Here, you need to pick the Restore Factory Settings options on the printer.
  • Confirm the changes using the Apply option and proceed further.
  • Restart the printer once and attempt the print work.
  • Contact us for Technical team assistance to restore the printer’s factory settings.