Deskjet Plus 4152 Printer – Setup & Driver Install

A complete instruction guide for HP Deskjet Plus 4152 printer with the latest drivers and software for both Windows and MAC Driver download!

HP Deskjet Plus 4152 - Overview

The HP Deskjet Plus 4152 printer is eventually available with a power cord & ink cartridges. The ink cartridges may consist of Tri-Color and Black ink cartridges. Eventually, available with 64 MB DDR1. The printer supports printing through mobile devices. For this, it needs HP Smart App, Mopria-Certified, Chrome OS, and Apple AirPrint.

Its input paper handling capacity can be around 60 sheets and 20 cards. The output capacity of this printer is 25 sheets. The printer guides through the paper types like photos, plain, envelopes, brochures, and inkjet papers. It eventually can copy a maximum of 9 copies and a resolution of 300 x 300 dpi. The printer usually works with HP Thermal Inkjet technology for printing.

What do we assist you with?

HP Deskjet Plus 4152 Printer Setup - DJ Plus 4158

The general procedure for Hp Deskjet Plus 4152 Printer Setup is:

  • Initially, access through the HP DJ 4152 printer pack.
  • Get the printer and arrange it nearby the electric socket.
  • Remove all the covering materials from the printer.
  • Utilize the USB cable and try to interface through the printer and the electric socket.
  • Further, turn On the electric socket and press the printer power button.
  • If you find the printer status as ON, adjust the settings of your printer.
  • Keep the suitable papers on the printer paper tray.
  • Then, load the new ink cartridges into the printer cartridges slots.
  • Now, you need to download and install the HP Deskjet Plus 4152 driver on the computer.
  • During the process of the driver setup, pick the mode to connect the computer and driver.
  • Finally, print a sample file to ensure proper HP Deskjet Plus 4152 setup.

Note: Prefer a USB cable and cartridge from the box for a hassle-free printer setup

HP Deskjet Plus 4152 setup

HP Deskjet Plus 4152 Driver Download

The HP Deskjet Plus 4152 driver download & installation on Windows and Mac effortlessly. Connect through the set of instructions to install the driver easily and quickly. You may get the guidelines for your HP Dj 4152 driver setup on both operating systems.

HP Deskjet Plus 4152 Driver Download & Install - Windows

Guidelines for HP Deskjet 4152 driver setup on Windows OS are:
  • Switch ON the Windows computer.
  • Acknowledge the OS version and select the suitable printer driver for it.
  • Then, download the driver on the computer.
  • Next, Run the driver file on the device and process it through the given on-screen instructions.
  • Finally, select the mode for connecting the devices and complete the HP Deskjet Plus 4152 driver setup.

HP Deskjet Plus 4152 Driver Download & Install - MAC​

The fundamental guidelines for HP Deskjet 4152 driver installation on Mac OS are:
  • Start the process by turning ON the Mac computer.
  • Then, inspect the Mac OS version and search for the compatible driver.
  • Now, you need to download the HP DJ 4152 driver and start the installation by opening it.
  • Continue with the given wizard setup till you find the connectivity setup mode.
  • Finally, pick the mode to connect the devices and accomplish the HP Deskjet Plus 4152 driver setup.

HP Deskjet Plus 4152 Wireless Setup

Arranging the wireless network through the Deskjet 4152 printer is not a big deal. For this, you need to support through two methods reference to your convenience. Carry out the given procedure for two wireless setup methods:

Wireless Setup Wizard

The general procedure for adding a Wi-Fi network on the device is:
  • To begin with, switch ON the printer and go to the Setup option.
  • Select the network setup option and access the wireless setup wizard.
  • Try to get the list of wireless networks which is shown on the active screen.
  • Confirm with the desired Wi-Fi network name and continue with the wizard steps.
  • Finally, complete the HP Deskjet Plus 4152 wireless setup.

HP Smart App

The instructions for HP Deskjet Plus 4152 wireless setup via HP Smart App are:
  • Turn ON the computer and download HP Smart App on it.
  • Further, try to install the HP Smart app via the instructions provided on the screen.
  • Connect through the HP Smart App on the computer and hit the settings option.
  • Modify the needed app settings and click on to Add Printer option.
  • Add your HP DJ Plus 4152 printer to the HP Smart App and finish the setup process.

HP Deskjet Plus 4152 - Troubleshooting

HP DJ 4152 not working

If the Deskjet 4152 is not working properly, then follow the steps given below:
  • Initially, turn ON the printer and access its touch panel.
  • Look for printer default settings and make sure everything is correct.
  • Confirm whether the printer settings are not under Black and White prints.
  • If the printer settings are correct, then try to print from the printer.
  • Yet, it’s not working, uninstall the printer driver from the computer. Then, download and set up the Deskjet 4152 driver on the device.
  • Finally, choose the required file and make a test print. Still not working, call us.

HP Deskjet 4152 Factory Reset

For Deskjet 4152 factory reset, use the instructions given here:
  • Begin the process by activating the HP DJ printer.
  • Further, pick the Setup option on the printer panel.
  • Confirm with the Tools option and choose the given option- Restore Default.
  • Hit the Yes option to proceed next.
  • Try to finish the process and add your DJ 4152 printer & turn it ON.
  • Wait until the printer starts by itself.
  • Lastly, the HP printer will change to factory default settings.

HP DJ Plus  4152 is not online

If the HP printer is not in online mode, then you can make use of the below-given instructions:
  • Switch ON the computer and pick the Start option.
  • You need to select the Devices and Printers to proceed.
  • Wait and select the desired DJ printer name, right-click on it.
  • Get the list of options from the screen, choose – See what’s printing.
  • Confirm with the option- Printer > Use Printer Online.

HP Deskjet 4152 Fails to Print Documents

If the HP DJ Plus 4152 is not printing documents, then use the method given below:
  • Make sure the desired dj4152 printer is ON.
  • Then, check and confirm that the sheets in the printer paper tray are suitable as per the printer’s specifications.
  • Now, ensure whether the chosen USB cable connection in the printer is appropriate.
  • Call our tech support team if you need any clarification on this.