How to scan with HP Envy 4500 on Mac Computer?

  1. Initially, make sure the printer’s scanner bed is clean and dust-free.
  2. Use the cotton pad or wipes to clean the dirt on the scanner bed and try to look for any obstructions.
  3. If you see any obstructions on the carriage tray, remove them completely to enhance the scan procedure.
  4. Use the Official HP Website and type the proper printer keys.
  5. Connect through the on-screen guidelines to download and launch the software using the driver download page.
  6. Open the scanner lid and keep the printed side on the scanner bed. Then, gently close the scanner lid to proceed next scanning procedure.
  7. Tap the scan button and use the system name to configure. Eventually, select the scan job type.
  8. Look for the Mac device for the scan and pick the HP Easy Scan from the search result.
  9. From the displayed drop-down menu of the scanner, choose the desired HP Envy 4500 printer by clicking on it.
  10. Continue next step, using the Presets menu to select the scan job type. Then, tap the scan option on the corresponding screen.
  11. On the resultant screen, use the bottom right-corner to get the Send option> Folder. Once the required changes are done, hit the Save button/option to save the changes.
  12. Meanwhile, you can change the settings related to the document to be scanned using the crop, alignment, border, and more settings to look preview
  13. Use the preview option to see the scanning document prior.
  14. You can also perform, document scanning, scanning for email, multi-page document, or multi-photo scanning using the Mac system device support.
  15. Try to be in touch with the HP Manual and HP Official Website for the problem-free scanning setup and handlings.
  16. For the proficient scanning setup, look at the scanning driver software for its latest version.
  17. Or else, use the Official HP page to download the HP Envy 4500 scanning software using the support page concerning the printer essential keys.
  18. Hit the Download button and start the instant download on the required scanning software.
  19. You can also try the best scanning function by uninstalling and reinstalling the scanning software once.

How to maintain scan bed:

  • First, open the scanner bed gently.
  • Use a smooth or soft cloth or wipes to clean the scanner bed.
  • Use the recommended paper sheets to start the scan procedure by placing them downward.
  • Try to remove the obstacles on the scanner bed and carriage for the hassle-free scanning process.
  • Try to use the troubleshooting process using the HP Print & Scan Doctor application.
  • Just download the HP Print & Scan Doctor application and register the printer name.
  • Hit the diagnose button/ troubleshoot button on the home page and pick Fix scanning issue or printer issue.
  • Now, the application will start to clear the troubleshooting on the scanner.