Why is My HP Envy 6075 Printer Not Connecting to Wi-Fi?

HP Printer sometimes may fail to connect with the wireless network. The reason for this problem is the improper functioning of the Wi-Fi feature. If the HP Envy 6075 printer fails to connect with the Wi-Fi network, then use the procedure given below:

  • Firstly, switch on your Envy 6075 printer.
  • Press your printer’s Wi-Fi button.
  • Then, wait for a few minutes until the Wi-Fi light of the printer blinks.
  • If your printer Wi-Fi light does not flash, then there is a problem with the printer hardware.
  • Check and verify that the SSID name and its security key entered are accurate.

If the credentials of your Wi-Fi router are not correct, contact your Internet Service Provider. They will provide you with the essential credentials. Once you get the ID and password, enter them and finish the HP Envy 6075 wireless setup process.

If you face the same problem again, then you have to check the printer hardware. For this, download and set up the HP Print & Scan on the computer.

Additionally, upgrade the wireless driver. For this, access Device Manager on your computer. Now, click on the option- Network Adapters. Then, right-click on the wireless adapter name. After that, choose the option- Update Driver. Now, select the first option. If any update is available, then use the on-screen steps to update.

Still, if you face the same problem, then get the HP Support Assistant. Then, install the HP Support Assistant. Now, open the software and go to My Devices. Choose the option- Troubleshooting and fixes. Now, follow the on-screen steps and finish the process.


HP Envy 6075 printer won’t connect with the Wi-Fi network due to some problems. However, no problem as you can fix it quickly with the above instructions. Now, if you require any technical support, contact us.