HP Envy Pro 6458 Printer is Offline, how do I get it Online?

Have you been frustrated on seeing the alert saying- Printer is Offline? Just calm down, we have a bunch of tips and instructions to tackle this simple printer issue. For that, you need to confirm the printer error by verifying with the printer control panel and its alerts. Tap to the error code and visit the HP Official page for instant support by entering the Printer keys. On the resultant screen, use the troubleshoot page & connect through the step-wise and continue with the directives. Prior, check whether the printer connections & configurations are appropriate to their best by ensuring with the HP Manual and HP Official page support. Eventually, ensure with the HP Envy pro 6458d driver software is updated or not. Yet the problem persists, use the following steps to overcome the printer Offline issues easily:
  • Hold the power button and turn off the printer. Later, try to restart the printer and try to assign the print job.
  • Then, try to reset the printer and update the Firmware using the HP Official page support.
  •  Keep the printer in active mode and disconnect the printer cables from the respective ports. Try to remove all the power cords from the main source.
  • Wait for a few seconds and use the HP Manual to properly connect the printer and outlet.
  • Now, look at whether the printer is stable and start the Firmware update or downloading process.
  • You can operate through the control panel settings of the system to get the Devices & printers option.
  • On the resultant page, use the list of devices’ names and locate the HP Envy pro 6458 printer from the list.
  • Just right-click to the printer name and tap the option- See what’s printing.
  • On the upcoming screen, use the Printer menu from the top and tap the Use Printer Online option using the drop-down menu option.
  • Then, try to restart the setup and initiate the print work to ensure the printer active mode.