HP Laserjet M140we Printer Setup and Driver Download

A complete instruction guide for HP Laserjet MFP m140we printer with the latest drivers and software for both Windows and MAC Driver download!

HP Laserjet MFP m140we Printer - Overview

It is the smallest multifunction and efficient printer that is designed for fast printing and east mobile solution. Make use of the HP Official page to Download & install the latest LaserJet M140we driver software. It is highly-recommended for small-scale businesses and individuals. Use the HP+ features on your device and access print job anywhere from your location. It is a reliable printer with an easy desktop setup.

If you are initiating the HP LaserJet M140we setup for the first time, use the following set of instructions given below.

  • Unbox the new HP LaserJet M140we package.
  • Gently take the HP Printer and its accessories out of it. 
  • Unpack all the packing stuff from the printer components.
  • Remove the new USB cable and link to the printer and power port.
  • Turn on the power port and printer using the power button.
  • Open the input tray and load the required number of paper sheets.
  • Take the ink cartridges and insert them appropriately.
  • Direct and save the HP LaserJet M140we driver file on the device.
  • Locate and install the HP printer driver using the on-screen wizard steps.
  • At last, prefer the network type and finish the driver setup.
  • You are ready with the first-time printer setup arrangements.
  • Test with sample print to ensure HP LaserJet M140we setup.

Download and Install the HP Laserjet M140we Software

Driver setup is the route for the printer functions to expose. Utilize the HP Official page and enter the required printer keys to search for the desired driver list. Choose the driver that suits the compatible Windows or Mac system device.

HP Laserjet m140we Driver Download & Install – Windows

Use the given directives to complete the HP LaserJet M140we driver download and install the setup on your Windows system:

  • Turn on the system using stable power.
  • Search for the HP LaserJet M140we driver that suits the Windows OS.
  • Click and download it. Save using the extension on the windows system.
  • Double click and start the installation.
  • Carry out the instructions given and finish the HP LaserJet M140we driver setup as per the wizard.
  • Ensure with the test print work using windows support.

HP Laserjet m140we Driver Download & Install – MAC

Track the given instructions to complete the HP LaserJet M140we driver download and install on MAC:

  • Initially, turn on the MAC device.
  • Try to disconnect all the USB cords from the system.
  • Make sure the system has efficient network access.
  • Further, download the latest HP LaserJet M140we driver file on the windows system.
  • Double-click on the downloaded HP printer driver file using the Windows folder.
  • Use the on-screen guidelines to complete the driver setup.
  • Add the printer by choosing the network type.

HP Laserjet M140we Wireless Setup

Wireless setup is the gateway for advanced printing work using compatible system support. For hassle-free network printing, you need uninterrupted network access using wireless router support. Use the given steps to establish the best wireless printing job.

Wireless Setup Method

Make use of given instructions to set Wi-Fi network using LaserJet M140we printer:

  • Go near the printer control panel.
  • Tap the Wireless menu of your printer.
  • Select the wireless setup wizard.
  • You will get the list of available printer names.
  • Choose the desired printer and connect to HP LaserJet M140we wireless setup.
  • Open the input tray and load the essential paper sheets to it.
  • Operate the system and assign the print job.

Ensure the Wi-Fi setup, by attempting the test print.

HP Smart App

Use the given steps to establish the wireless setup with HP Smart App:

  • Try to save the downloaded HP Smart App file on the device.
  • Open the HP Smart app and initiate using the Run option.
  • Carry out the HP Smart App setup using the on-screen wizard steps.
  • Proceed using the app settings and modify the required changes.
  • Exit back to the app home screen.
  • Add the printer using the Add a Printer option.
  • Use the prompts and get the available list of printer names.
  • Finally, start the print work using the easy HP Smart app support directly from anywhere.

HP Laserjet M140we Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is the place you can find the instant solution for your HP Printer-related issues/ problems. Make use of the printer control panel and identify the printer error first and ensure with the troubleshooting page. Use the given instructions and complete the issue for flawless print work.

HP LaserJet M140we connection to Desktop

  • Try to download the desired driver on the system.
  • Run the driver file and initiate the setup procedure.
  • Access through the on-screen wizard prompts by choosing the wired method.
  • Link the printer and device using the new USB cable.
  • Complete the setup using the HP Manual support.
  • Make a test print. Still, the problem undergoes, contact our Technical Team for the instant & supportive response.

HP LaserJet M140we Paper Jam

  • Initially, you must check the printer parts by using the HP Manual guidance.
  • Open the input tray and look for any paper-jam issues.
  • If seen, remove all and close the input tray safely.
  • Look for any physical damage or loose connection.
  • Open the print carriage area and look for any torn pieces of paper.
  • Confirm with the clean status.
  • Now, access the printer cartridge assembly and eradicate the jammed papers, if seen.
  • Take the premium quality paper sheets and place them correctly.
  • Use our Technical team support, if you suspect the issue again.

HP LaserJet M140we Printer Error Code (B8CDD2FE)

  • First, turn on the system.
  • Proceed using the System Preferences > Reset Printing System.
  • Switch through the Administrator account by entering the password and user name.
  • Relax until the printer resetting procedure completes.
  • Make sure, there is no other printer with the same name.
  • Use the wizard steps to add the printer.
  • Still, you face any sort of issue or complaint, contact us.

HP LaserJet M140we Installation failed

  • Remove all the USB cables from the following devices.
  • Access using the Program and Features option on the system.
  • Right-click to the desired HP LaserJet M140we printer and uninstall it.
  • Now, restart the entire device.
  • Download the appropriate printer driver and install using the on-screen support.
  • Start the printing jobs after confirming the requirements.
  • Reach our experts for instant support.