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[New 2021] HP Officejet 5252 Printer - Setup & Driver Download Guide

HP Officejet 5252 Printer – Setup & Driver Install

A complete instruction guide for HP Officejet 5252 printer with the latest drivers and software for both Windows 10 and MAC OS Driver download!

HP Officejet 5252 Printer - Overview

HP Officejet 5252 is a new printer model from HP for printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. The printer comes with a power cord, compatible ink cartridges, Setup Guide, etc. It consists of two print cartridges – Tri-color and black. The tri-color includes yellow, cyan, and magenta.
OJ 5252 printer has a print speed of up to 10 ppm for black (ISO) and a maximum of 7 ppm for color (ISO). HP OJ 5252 printer handles a maximum of 100 sheets and 40 input cards. It is compatible with tablets and smartphones with all OS versions includes iOS, Android, Windows RT, 10, 8, Symbian, and Blackberry.

What do we assist you with?

HP Officejet 5252 Setup – OJ 5252 Printer Setup

HP Officejet 5252 setup includes a set of procedures. The step-by-step process involved in HP OJ 5252 printer setup is:

  • Unpack your OJ 5252 HP printer and take it out from the box.
  • Keep it in a place and make sure that it is near to the power port.
  • Take off all the unwanted coverings from your printer.
  • Fill the tray with papers compatible with the printer.
  • Take the ink cartridges that come with the new printer.
  • Clear off the tape and coverings from it.
  • Load it in the printer cartridge slot.
  • Connect the printer and power port with a secure USB cable.
  • Download a recent version of HP Officejet 5252 driver.
  • Start installing it as per the on-screen procedure.
  • Go with either wireless or wired mode to connect the printer and device. If you face any difficulty here, call us! Our experts will finish the Officejet 5252 setup process in a hassle-free way.
  • Complete the process and power up the printer.
  • Finally, to confirm proper printer setup, print a file.

HP Officejet 5252 Driver Download

Drivers are an essential factor when it comes to the HP printer setup. Without compatible drivers and software, you cannot use all the HP OJ 5252 features. 

You can either install the basic or the updated version printer driver. To install the basic version, use the CD that comes with the printer. You have to load the CD in the device CD tray and install the driver with the instructions on the screen.
For an updated driver version, download the compatible oj5252 driver with your computer. We are here to assist you in choosing the suitable driver to your device, Dial us! The procedure for HP OJ 5252 driver download and installation on Windows and Mac device are:

Officejet 5252 Driver Download & Installation – Windows

  • Power up your windows laptop or computer
  • Ensure that the internet connection is stable on your device.
  • Find HP Officejet 5252 driver suitable for your computer.
  • Download the same on the device.
  • Go to the folder where you downloaded the driver file.
  • Find the file and double-click on it.
  • The HP Officejet 5252 driver installation process starts.
  • Carry on with the on-screen installation steps.
  • Now, the installation wizard asks you to choose the connection mode.
  • Here, click on the mode as per your preference- wired or wireless. 
  • Finish HP 5252 driver installation process using the procedure shown on the wizard.
  • Turn on the HP Officejet 5252 printer and check all the settings.
  • Load suitable papers in its tray.
  • Take a test print to ensure proper driver installation.

Officejet 5252 Driver Download & Installation – MAC

  • Firstly, switch on your computer and ensure that you have a proper USB cable of 3m.
  • Do not connect the USB cable with the computer. If it is connected, disconnect it.
  • Search and download either HP Easy Start or OJ 5252 printer driver & software.
  • Go to Driver-Product Installation software. Choose the option- Download given near to driver or HP Easy Start.
  • Open the downloaded file to start the installation.
  • Now, the installation wizard asks to choose the type of connection.
  • Choose “USB” mode and continue.
  • Add your printer if the wizard asks to do so. Choose your printer name from the list and click on “Use” or “Print Using”.
  • Select HP Officejet 5252 printer and choose the option “Add”.
  • Finish Officejet 5252 driver installation process.
  • Try printing to verify proper installation.

HP Officejet 5252 Wireless Setup – OJ 5252 Setup

Want to use HP Officejet 5252 printer through your device Wi-Fi? If yes, then you can do this process easily. Connecting your computer and HP Officejet 5252 printer wireless is a hassle-free process. The general steps to connect the device and printer using a Wi-Fi network are:

HP Officejet 5252 Printer Wireless Setup

  • Connect your HP OJ 5252 printer with the power supply and switch on it. Access OJ 5252 printer touch panel
  • Choose the icon – Wireless.
  • Now, select the setup option. Then, move on to choose “Restore Network Settings” or “Restore Network Defaults” options.
  • To continue with the wireless setup process, tap the option- Yes.
  • Now, go to Wireless Settings of your HP Officejet 5252 printer.
  • Tap the given option – Wireless setup wizard.
  • Wait for the printer to search the wireless networks available nearby.
  • The printer screen will show a list of Wi-Fi networks.
  • Choose your wireless network from the list.
  • If you do not see your network name in the list, select “Enter New Network Name”.
  • Provide the password of your network in the appropriate space.
  • Now, the printer will connect with your Wi-Fi network.

HP Officejet 5252 WiFi Protected Setup

  • Access your device and verify that it has a secure Wi-Fi network.
  • Get HP Officejet 5252 driver suitable for your device.
  • Download the driver on your device.
  • Open the driver file to initiate its installation process.
  • Once the installation process starts, proceed with the instructions given on the screen.
  • The wizard prompts to choose a method to connect the device and printer.
  • Here, choose the wireless method and continue.
  • Finish the process and print a sample paper to check the wireless setup.

HP Officejet 5252 Printer - FAQ

When it comes to any printer, it is quite common that some of you might have some doubts or queries. It is applicable for HP Officejet 5252 printer as well. Thus, here we are providing the answers to some of the common questions related to OJ 5252.

Q. What ink is perfect for HP Officejet 5252?
A. The inks used for HP Officejet 5252 are:
  • HP63XL (F6U63AN) remanufactured color high yield ink
  • HP 63XL (F6U64AN) Remanufactured Black High-Yield Ink
Q. I want to reset my HP OJ 5252 printer. What should I do?
A. For this, turn off the printer. Then, remove the connection between the printer and the power port. Disconnect the cord from the printer. Now, wait for 30 seconds. After that, plug the power cord with the printer. Then, connect it with the wall outlet and switch on it. Next, you have to turn on HP Officejet 5252 printer. Once switching on your printer, press and hold the resume button for 10 to 20 seconds to check the attention light.

Q. How to scan using HP OJ 5252 printer?
A. Turn on the printer and place the paper that you want to scan on the printer scanner glass. Then, switch on the device and search your printer name on it. Click on your printer name; you will see the HP Printer Assistant Tool. Choose the option –Scan. Finally, select the option – Scan a photo or document.

Q. I would like to resize a photo using HP OJ 5252 printer. What to do?
A. Move to the folder and choose the picture you want to resize. After that, keep your cursor on the image and right-click on it. Now, you will see a dropdown menu. Choose the option – Resize Pictures and fix a size for it (medium, small, large, etc.). Finally, select OK