HP Officejet 5258 Printer Setup & Driver Install

A complete instruction guide for HP Officejet 5258 Driver with the latest printer setup for both Windows 10 and MAC OS Driver download!

HP Officejet 5258 Printer - Overview

HP Officejet 5258 is a wireless printer that supports functions such as print, copy, and scan. The all-in-one printer can connect to devices, including computers, laptops, and smartphones. Using wired or wireless connection, you can connect your Mac or Windows 10 device to the printer.

What do we assist you with?

HP Officejet 5258 First Time Printer Setup

HP Officejet 5258 printer setup becomes easy when you follow our expert assistance. Make use of the step-wise instructions to complete the first time setup. While setting up the printer for the first time, use the USB cable for the connection with Windows 10 or Mac.

  • To begin with, unpack your printer and accessories to start the initial printer setup.
  • Then, connect the power cord and turn on your printer.
  • Next, insert papers and cartridges and then continue to download the printer drivers.

HP Officejet 5258 Printer Setup Modes

You can choose both USB and wireless for setting up your printer. If you wish to connect using the USB setup procedure, then select the LAN or USB cable with the proper length. For a wireless connection, choose either wireless setup wizard or other wireless modes.

HP Officejet 5258 USB Setup

Based on your convenience and need, you can choose the easiest setup method “USB printer setup”. Now, keep your printer and computer ready along with the USB cable. To begin with, go through our printer setup instructions.

  • Initially, switch on your brand new printer and get the LAN cable for the HP Officejet 5258 wired setup.
  • Next, take a look at the cable and remove the protective cap to start the wireless printer setup.
  • Now, choose the USB port on the printer and computer to proceed with the USB connection.
  • After selecting the USB port, connect the LAN cable between the printer and computer
  • Once printer wired setup is over, proceed to the HP Officejet 5258 driver download.
  • Download the driver on your windows 10 laptop or computer and let the wizard install the drivers.
  • Finish the printer wired setup successfully through the on-screen prompts.

HP Officejet 5258 Wireless Setup

HP Officejet 5258 wireless setup is not a big deal if you avail of our expert assistance. As an all-in-one wireless printer, you can select WPS, Wireless Setup Wizard, or the Auto wireless connect. All the above methods help in connecting the printer to your wireless device as well as the network.

  • For the HP Officejet 5258 wireless setup, turn on the wireless mode on your printer and keep it ready.
  • Now, touch the Wireless icon on the printer’s control panel.
  • Then, go to the Settings option. After that, select the Wireless Setup Wizard option when displayed.
  • Next, choose the network and type in the password when network screen prompts.
  • Note: If you are not able to find your network, refresh and wait until you get your network in the list.
  • After selecting the network, follow the on-screen instructions for a wireless network connection.
  • At last, select and download the HP Officejet 5258 driver and software.

HP Officejet 5258 Driver Software Download

After the connection setup, download the latest HP Officejet 5258 printer drivers. Here, you can easily download the drivers for both Mac and Windows 10 devices. Mostly, you can select drivers for all Mac and Windows 10 OS versions, including Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, and 10.

HP Officejet 5258 driver for Windows 10

Be it basic or full-feature drivers, check the compatibility with Officejet 5258 printer.

  • Now, reach the driver page that has the latest HP Officejet 5258 driver and software.
  • Next, select the printer driver and click on the Download option.
  • It may take a few moments to complete the driver download.
  • After the driver download, install the driver using the wizard available.
  • The compatible Windows OS versions are Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, and Vista.

HP Officejet 5258 driver for Mac

To begin with, check the platform compatibility of your printer with the Mac device.

  • Now, go to the driver download page to find the latest printer drivers for your HP Officejet 5258 printer.
  • On the driver page, you can choose the drivers using the printer model and OS version.
  • Next, click on the Download button for downloading the driver on your Mac device. While installing the officejet 5258 printer driver, you may get the prompt for network connection.
  • Choose either USB or wireless to establish the device connection. In case of any assistance for downloading the printer drivers, you can approach us.
  • The supported Mac OS versions are OS X 10.14, 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, and 10.7.

HP Officejet 5258 Printer USB Setup - Windows 10 & MAC

HP Officejet 5258 Windows 10 USB Setup

When you consider the printer connection modes, the USB setup is the easiest. Here are the easy instructions for the USB printer setup.

  • To begin with, you may need the USB cable without twists and bends.
  • Now, keep the printer and computer ready. Attach one end of the USB cable to the computer and other ends to the printer.
  • Next, on the screen, you can find the notification for downloading the printer drivers.
  • Then, install the drivers as per the instructions here. Once installed, cross-verify the printer’s performance with the test print.
  • Also, we have a bunch of printer technicians who can help with the printer driver download. Just connect with our technician and avail the services.

HP Officejet 5258 Mac USB Setup

Connecting your Mac device with HP Officejet 5258 printer is now easy. For effortless USB setup, follow the below steps.

  • Initially, make sure that you have selected the proper USB cable.
  • Then, hold the USB cable and find the port to connect the USB cable with the printer and computer.
  • On connecting the USB cable, you have to move to the printer driver download.
  • According to the on-screen prompts, download and install the printer driver. For installation, you may have to use the available installer on the computer.
  • If you want to change the connection type to wireless, you can refer to the below instructions.

HP Officejet 5258 Wireless Setup

HP Officejet 5258 Wireless Setup for Windows 10

Firstly, refer to the printer manual to know the supporting wireless connection methods. The most preferred methods are Auto connect, WPS, and wireless setup wizard. As per the following instructions, complete the wireless setup.

  • Firstly, select the network that you want to configure with the printer.
  • Now, on your Windows 10 device, move to the Control Panel in a click.
  • Then, choose the Devices & Printers option to view the list of wireless devices.
  • Next, click on the Available Devices to display the devices. In the list, you can find your HP Officejet 5258 printer.
  • From the list, add your printer by clicking on the name. After adding your printer to the list, you can print the network report page.

HP Officejet 5258 Wireless Setup for Mac

HP Officejet 5258 wireless setup helps you download the new printer drivers. Now, it is comfortable with our wireless setup instructions. You can choose any wireless setup technique based on your printer model.

  • It is well and good if you choose the WPS pushbutton mode. Now, click the push button on the printer and also router.
  • Within a few moments, the devices connect wirelessly without the help of the password.
  • Next, add your wireless printer to the Mac device using the Apple icon.
  • Now, select the Systems & Preferences option to choose the Devices.
  • Then, you can get the available wireless devices on the list. From that list, you have to choose your HP Officejet 5258 printer.
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I set up my HP Officejet 5258 Wireless?

If you have a wireless router, then it is easy to set up your HP Officejet 5258 printer. The usual modes are Wireless Setup Wizard, USB wireless setup, Auto wireless connect, WPS.

Is the HP Officejet 5258 Wireless?

Yes, it is a wireless printer with excellent printing and connectivity features.

How do I hook up my HP Officejet 5258 printer to my computer?

There exist two methods, namely, USB and wireless setup, to connect your printer with Mac or Windows computer.

How do I reset my HP Officejet 5258?

While facing any kind of printer issue, you can reset your printer by disconnecting the power cord from the printer. Leave the device undisturbed for 10 seconds and then connect the cable.