HP Officejet Pro 9018 Setup Procedure

The general steps for HP Officejet Pro 9018 printer setup are:

  • Unpack the new HP OJ pro 9018 printer and its accessories.
  • Place the OJ Pro printer near the secure wall port.
  • Remove the packing covers from the printer and take the USB cable.
  • Connect the taken USB cable between the printer port and the wall port.
  • Activate the wall port and you will see the printer lighting up.
  • After that, change the printer settings based on your preference.
  • Load the cartridge slots with appropriate ink cartridges.
  • Then, fill the paper tray of the printer with suitable papers.
  • Download the compatible HP Officejet pro 9018 driver.
  • Finally, connect your device and printer.
  • Print a document to ensure HP Officejet Pro 9018 setup.