How to Fix HP Printer Driver Issues in Windows 10?

When there is an issue with the HP printer driver, all that is needed to do is to complete a few simple steps with the right instructions. To make the process simple and easy, we have devised a few instructions that will be able to provide professional instruction to resolve the HP printer driver issue on a Windows 10 device.

If your HP printer has failed to function just when you needed to get a few urgent documents printed, there is still no need to panic. You can follow the below instructions to assist in the process, or you can contact us for assistance. Our team of professionals will be able to provide you with the hand-held guidance that you require to get the printer up and running and fix the

HP printer driver issue for a Windows device.

Some of the issues that could be the reason behind the printer not working due to the driver issue could be an unrecognizable issue with the printer, outdated driver, driver error, network issues and more. To eliminate the process of identifying the drivers’ issues, HP has devised a system that allows its users to freely resolve printer issues. Download the HP Printer and Scan Doctor.

What is the HP Print and Scan Doctor?

The HP printer and scan doctor is a driver that can be downloaded on the device from the official HP Support website. Download the driver and install it on the device. The HP print and scan doctor will be able to run a diagnosis on the printer to identify and provide a remedial measure to fix the HP printer driver issues on the Windows 10 device.

Download the right driver for your Windows 10 device.

  • It is important to note that the driver that is downloaded should be chosen based on the operating system.
  • If the wrong driver has been downloaded, then the driver should be deleted from the device.
  • Once the erroneous driver has been removed, the driver based on the operating system should be downloaded.
  • The driver for Windows 10 can be downloaded from the HP Support website and installed.

HP Printer Driver for Windows 10

Download a full-featured HP printer driver.

The full feature The HP printer driver for Windows 10 is an all-in-one printer driver that can be downloaded from the official HP Support website. It comes with features that will allow the user to utilize all the printer’s functions at one point.

Download HP Basic Drivers

The basic driver allows the user to access the basic features of the printer. It allows users to print files. Other additional drivers will have to be downloaded to access features such as scanning and faxing.

The HP Enterprise driver

The HP enterprise driver is commonly used in offices and corporates because of the unique features it comes with. It can be downloaded from the HP Support website.

Universal Print Driver from HP

The HP Universal Printer driver is the most recommended driver as it comes with all the features. making it simple to print from the driver and access all of the printer’s features comes with advanced built-in technology that allows users to search for and configure HP printer devices.

Fix the HP printer Windows 10 issue.

  1. Ensure that the right driver is downloaded on the device. If there is an error, uninstall the driver and proceed to download one of the recommended drivers.
  2. Restart the printer and connect it to a wireless connection to resolve underlying issues.
  3. Despite making these changes, if there is still an issue with the printer driver, then you have the option of contacting us to provide our expertise.

Call us for assistance to learn how to fix the HP printer driver issues with your Windows 10 device.