How to Fix & What to Do If My HP Printer Is In Error State?

HP Printer may Uncertainly troubles with Error state alerts for various reasons while printing or about to print time. Let it be the Normal part of printer access and hope the given set of instructions will instantly be useful to overcome the uncertainty with a certain clear solution.

This type of error may be due to HP Printer-related Hardware or Software. So, first, check and analyze the spot of the problem, the given instructions may give you the root to find the error & its solution immediately for the active printer setup.

Note: Prior, check with the HP Printer driver Software version and its activeness. If not active or corrupted, use the HP Official page and download & install the latest driver version using the download button.

  • First, rectify the basics like printer connection and its related devices.
  • Ensure whether the HP Printer is connected properly to the compatible system and its devices. Try to connect them intact to avoid unwanted troubles.
  • Further, try to connect the printer setup using steady and active power & Wi-Fi network access.
  • If it is a Wireless setup, try to look at the stability of the network. Place the wireless router nearby with proper connection & configuration.
  • Note: Use the HP Manual for the connection & configuration settings related to HP Printer, to avoid trouble.
  • Next, you need to concentrate on the paper input tray and ink cartridge requirements. 
  • Load sufficient paper sheets to the input tray and close the access tray to avoid this kind of issue.
  • Meanwhile, check for any paper-jam issues. If not proceed next.
  • Insert the new ink cartridges by replacing the empty cartridge if required. 
  • Ensure whether the HP Printer is in the online mode or not. If not, use the System settings like- Devices & printers. Then, use the available product list and right-click to the desired HP Printer name to turn on HP Printer Online using Set as Printer online.
  • Or else, try to uninstall the existing driver software and reinstall it using the HP Official page support.
  • Add the printer to it for efficient printing access and output.
  • Operate the printer for print to check the troubleshooting process. If not applicable- Use the given Three FIXES to overcome the Printer Error state.

To resolve the printer error state

Follow the given Fixes to retrieve the printer’s active performance and access. Use the three Fix headings and execute the troubleshooting procedure:

Fix-1- Set the HP Printer to Set as Default mode:

  • Open the windows desktop and hit the start menu to type Run.
  • Use the Run tab to enter the Control panel search.
  • Then, on the upcoming page, select the Devices & Printers option.
  • Use the list of printer names available and just right-click to the desired printer name.
  • Thereafter, pick the Set as Default printer using the list.
  • Just save the settings and start the print work.

Still, you find difficulties in handling the printer operation- Use the next fix-2 instructions.

Fix-2- Use the Print spooler:

  • Use the same system Run tab and enter services.msc on the search tab.
  • Use the cursor and scroll down to check whether the print spooler is active or not. Check for the Running status.
  • Use the same page and choose the Automatic mode option.
  • On the next page, give Apply and save the changes.
  • Eventually, pick the Recovery tab and pick Restart the service option. Then, give apply and save the settings.
  • Now, look for the printer activeness by attempting with the print job.

Fix-3- Clear the Print spooler files:

  • Make use of the options like- Local Disk (C)>Windows>system32>Spool>Printers.
  • You will get the list of files in the folder format. You can delete all if required.
  • Proceed using Local Disk (C)>Windows>system32>Spool>Drivers>w32*86.
  • Trash all the files on the folder w32*86.
  • Again use the Spooler service option and Hit the Restart option.

Still you face the same issue on your HP Printer-Contact the HP Technician Team for instant support & solution for your HP printer error.