What to do if the HP Smart app shows the printer offline status

If your HP printer seems Offline when you are using the HP Smart app with the windows system. This is due to the improper connection between the printer and the connected wireless router. And, this error is quite common in the windows system. Here, we have certain steps to resolve the HP Printer Offline error while connected to the HP Smart app. 

If required, you can refer to the HP Official page for any support on setting the HP Smart app to troubleshoot.

How to resolve the HP Printer Offline error during the HP Smart app connection on Windows

The below-mentioned steps are only for the Windows system-related HP Smart app. If you see the Printer Offline issues on the control panel, it may be majorly due to the Printer to wireless router’s loose connection. To clear this kind of issue, use the given steps without skipping any of the steps on your windows system.

  • Initially, turn OFF the respective HP Printer.
  • Use the Devices and Printers optionto delete the HP Printer from the list.
  • Try to uninstall the printer driver using the Control Panel.
  • Then, use the Windows + R and specify the Spool in the Run command box.
  • Further, pick the Printersfolder and access it.
  • Try to delete all the temporary files from this windows folder and bring it Empty.
  • Next, you need to Turn ONyour Printer.
  • Ensure using the Network Configuration Page from the HP Printer.
  • From the configuration print report, get the IP addressof your printer.
  • Use the system settings and get the Devices and Printers Add Printer.
  • Use the desired windows and pick The Printer I want isn’t listed
  • Further, you need to pick the Add Printer using TCP or IP Address
  • Now, you need to enter the IP Addressof the Printer in the specified tab and hit next.
  • Then, your windows system will automatically grab the HP Printer using the Network and the desired driver will be installed automatically.
  • At last, the desired HP Printer is installed using the IP Address on Windows 10.
  • It’s time to open the HP Smart App and your HP Printer with active online mode.
  • Still, you find the same issue, Contact Our Technical Team for instant support & a solution.