How to Setup HP Printer on Smart phones?

HP Printers are compatible with Windows and iPhone devices. Setting up an HP printer on the Mac computer is not a big deal. This process is easily possible with specific instruction. Here in this blog, we are listing out the methods to set up HP printers on iPad or iPhone. Additionally, we explained the method for HP printers with and without the touch screen.

Firstly, ensure that the Mac computer is perfect. Then, ensure that your computer has a secure Wi-Fi.

An HP Printer with a touch screen

Access your HP printer. Press its wireless button or access the network settings menu. Then, select the Setup menu and get the status of your network connection.

After that, choose the Setup option given on the printer panel. Next, choose the wireless settings and touch the option- wireless setup. Now, you will see a list of available wireless networks on the printer panel. Choose your preferred device network name and continue until you see the column to enter the network password. When you see the column, enter the password, proceed with the wizard steps and finish the process.

Now, turn on the computer and open the document you want to print. Click the File menu and select the Print button. Make necessary changes in the Print settings and continue to print the file.

An HP printer without a touch screen

If your HP printer does not have a touch screen, then press the printer wireless button. At the same time, press the information icon as well. Now, you will get a wireless test report along with the status of your network connection.

After that, press the printer wireless button and do not leave it until the light starts blinking. Now, within 2 minutes, press the router WPS button and hold on until the network setup process starts. When the network setup process completes; the blinking of the wireless setup stops.

Now, ensure that the printer paper tray has compatible papers and ink cartridges are properly installed.

After that, move on to your Mac computer and open the file that you need to print. Go to the File menu on the document and click it. Now, choose the icon- Print and continue. Choose your Printer name and proceed to the Print settings.

The printer settings include:

  • Number of copies
  • Size of the paper

Once you adjust the printer settings, select the Print option.

Final Thoughts

Though we clearly explained the step-by-step method for HP printer setup on iPad or iPhone, you might have some doubts. If any doubt on this, feel free to call our tech experts.