HP Printer Troubleshooting Guide

HP Troubleshooting is eliminating the printer-errors with simple instructions or tips. Every HP Printer will undergo a certain problem that can be easily tackled with resolution steps. Make use of the HP Official page support and start the troubleshooting procedure. 

HP Printers will be stuck to the common problems like paper-jam errors, ghosting errors, driver issues, ink cartridges errors, and more. Do you know how to tackle the HP Printer Troubleshooting? 

Yes! We have an instant solution for the HP Printer-related errors and problems. We randomly picked 5-HP Printer related issues with proper step-wise resolution steps.

Reinstall the HP Printer Driver

  1. Try to remove the USB cables, if you have interfaced with the printer and system, in turn, to reinstall the printer driver.
  2. Use the system keyboard and press the windows key to get the control panel settings
  3. On the resultant page/screen, use the Devices & Printers
  4. Followed by choosing the desired HP Printer from the list to right-click on it.
  5. Once you have right-clicked to the driver’s name, you will get the Uninstall/Remove Click to it.
  6. If at all, your printer name is not listed, use the Printer section. Now, you will get a bunch of on-screen guidelines to remove the printer.
  7. Ensure the existing printer is removed and reinstall the new updated HP Printer driver software using the HP Official page.
  8. You must also ensure the quality of both ink cartridges and paper sheets.

HP Printer Offline error

  1. First, you must be sure of the fundamental printer connections and then proceed with the given instructions.
  2. You need to download the HP Print & Scan Doctor application on the desired system.
  3. Run the application and modify the tool’s settings.
  4. Hit the Start option at the HP Print & Scan Doctor home page.
  5. From the list of printer names, choose the desired one, if the printer name is not available- press Retry.
  6. If you are notified of the printer updates, give yes and finish it.
  7. Proceed with the continue option.
  8. Finally, your HP Printer Offline error will be diagnosed after using the HP Print & Scan Doctor.

HP Paper jam errors

  1. Prior, check the input and output tray for any visible jammed papers. If seen, remove them immediately.
  2. Access and open the ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) and remove the jammed paper from it.
  3. Now, make a test print to ensure printer workability.
  4. Further, Switch off the printer and remove the power cords.
  5. Look at the input tray for the stuck bits of paper. Remove them instantly to solve further issues.
  6. Your access door must not get stuck while operating print work.
  7. Now, arrange and place back all the printer parts with the HP Printer Manual.
  8. Try to reconnect the printer to the socket using the intact power cord connection. Try the print work now.
HP Printer paper jam

HP Ghosting error

  1. Carefully remove power cords and other cables from the printer and source of power.
  2. Firmly access and open the ink cartridge door to remove the installed ink cartridges.
  3. Now, place the removed ink cartridges on the cleaned surface.
  4. You can also make use of the HP Manual support to bring the best arrangements.
  5. Now wait at least 30 seconds and try plugging the power cables back in.
  6. Get the power cords from the backside of the HP Printer setup.
  7. Safely insert the uninstalled ink cartridges to the respective slot.
  8. Use your active printer to perform a test print. You will see the ghosting error will be resolved completely.

HP Ink Cartridge error

  1. First, you need to rectify the ink cartridges which is installed are matching with the quality & recommended ink cartridges.
  2. You can use the HP Manual or HP Official page to get proficient instructions and handlings.
  3. Attempt the reset procedure by turning on the printer and unplugging the power cords.
  4. Now, wait for a few seconds.
  5. Reconnect all the printer cords concerning the ports or mentioned slots.
  6. Never use any extension or surge to connect the printer to the socket.
  7. Further, do the test print work to ensure the troubleshooting process.
  8. Contact the HP Technician, if the error persists.
HP Printer Ink Cartridge Error