HP Printer Wi-Fi Setup Failed

It is a common issue that printer users face when they try to connect the HP printer to a wireless setup and it fails. It is vital that a few checks be followed to ensure the wireless connection is connected back to the printer. A few steps will have to be followed to establish a connection with the HP printer. 

Check the wireless connection.

If there had been an issue when the printer was being connected to the wifi connection, then the only issue is a disconnected network. If the connection is cut off while the process of connecting the printer has been initiated, then follow the below measures that are to be taken to remove the error.

Restart the wifi router

While the wifi router is turned on, press and hold the power button. Wait until all the LED lights are turned off. Once the lights go off, wait for a few minutes. Let the router remain idle for a few minutes. Following this, power up the router and wait for it to stabilize. Once the connection is back up, try and connect the printer to the wireless connection. 

Check the compatibility of the printer and the router

Another issue that is common is the HP printer’s lack of compatibility with the wifi router. These are a few of the common issues that the printer faces. Compatibility is another common issue that is faced. For this, the router will have to be upgraded to a 2.4 GHz router. 

Enter the credentials accurately

While the user is making a note of the password and entering the password wherever needed, it has to be completed accurately. If not, there is a high possibility the printer and the wifi will not connect. Therefore, it is important for the user to remain cautious throughout the process. Make sure a final check is complete when the password is entered on the wireless setup wizard. 

Use the WPS push button method

The WPS push button method can be used as a manner to ensure there is no room for the wifi password to be entered erroneously. As a result, the best solution to this is to use the WPS push button method.

Follow the instructions to connect the printer to a wireless connection using the push button method. 

  • Locate the WPS push button on the router. It will be located on the rear end of the router. 
  • Do the same for the printer. Locate the WPS push button on the wireless settings. 
  • Press and hold the wireless push button at the same time and the connection will be complete. 

Contact us for further assistance on connecting the wireless printer to the wifi if there is an indication of an error.