HP Printer WPS Pin

Where is the WPS Pin located on my HP printer?

If you couldn’t recall your network credentials for network setup? You have the best source to connect wirelessly without any credentials to be done. Yes, WPS stands for Wi-Fi protected setup which permits the printer to wirelessly. In this, you have various types through which the HP printer can be connected efficiently. The WPS pin is denoted as a unique number that is produced by the printer to interface the wireless connection in an efficient manner. HP printers can be available with a unique option to connect the printer to wireless properly.

What is the WPS pin?

WPS Pin abbreviates Wifi Protected Setup which can be connected properly to the printer through a unique pin. The pin is available with a unique 8-digit number. Whereas, it is generated every time the user try to connect the printer to a wireless connection. The major reason for connecting the HP printers via the WPS Pin option. This can allow the user to steadily configure via a wireless connection. Eventually, it enables the protection of the printer from unknown users.
Hp Printer wps pin

Where to find the WPS pin on HP Printer?

Configuring the HP printer to a wireless connection through the WPS pin is quite easy. But, if you have proper guidance you may get the proper connection. The guidelines to locate the WPS pin will be given below. If it is a printer with an active display, you can easily find the WPS pin using a few simple instructions. When it comes to printers without a display any alternate measures to finish the wireless connection.

Where is the WPS Pin located on my HP printer?

You have two modes to connect the HP printer can be connected to a wireless connection via the WPS method.

1) WPS Push Button
2) WPS Pin

For the HP printers that do not have a display, the WPS push button method can be used. And, for HP printers that have a screen the WPS pin method can be used.

Connect the HP Printer Without Display via WPS Button

When it comes to an HP printer without a display, you can directly use the given instructions to finish the setup to connect the printer through a wireless connection.
  • Initially, turn ON the HP printer and provide a few minutes before accessing the printer setup via a network.
  • It is highly required to inspect the flow of wireless connection. Try to establish using an active wireless connection.
  • You must have stable connectivity to get the sufficient speed and access without any issues.
  • Prior, to initiating the wireless process through WPS Button, you need to locate the WPS push button.
  • Printer that won’t support a display panel, the WPS push button act as a wireless icon.
  • Press and hold the wireless icon on the HP printer for a few seconds.
  • Move over to the wireless router and find the WPS push button.
  • Further, reach nearby the rear end of the wireless router to locate the push button.
  • Press and hold it to download for a few seconds.
  • Note: The WPS push button on the HP printer and the WPS push button on the router must be pressed simultaneously.
  • If your WPS push button is pressed the light on the printer & router will indicate through a blink.
  • You need to wait for a few seconds until you find active connectivity.
If you can’t accomplish this on your first attempt, you need to wait for the process to finish.

Connect the HP Printer With Display via WPS Button

Track the below steps to complete connecting the HP printer via the WPS push button on your printer that has a display.
  • Switch ON the HP Printer and you need to wait for a few seconds to let them idle.
  • Make sure the wireless connection is stable before proceeding with the WPS connection process.
  • Ensure the wifi connection is actively processed. Try to finish a quick inspection regarding the wireless connection status. 
  • Then, connect through the HP printer to find the WPS push button on a printer with a display.
  • Next, find the wireless icon on the printer and hit the wireless settings.
  • In Reference to this, scroll further down to pick the WPS > WPS Push button.
  • Eventually, locate the WPS Push button on the printer and press it out.
  • The WPS button on the wifi router can be located at the rear end.
  • Note, that the WPS button should be pressed at the same time on the printer & the router.
  • Wait for a few more seconds to accomplish the connection. If the connection fails to take place and proceed with the step till you find the proper connection. 

Connect HP printer using the WPS pin.

Using this method, you can actively perform WPS setup & access. The WPS pin method is a protected way to get the unique 8-digit code. Track the given steps to connect the HP printer to a wireless network.

  • Turn ON the desired HP printer and permit them to remain idle for a few minutes prior to initiating the connection.
  • If your printer is already active, try to restart it and move on next.
  • Access through the HP printer and gently press the wireless button that can easily redirect to the wireless settings.
  • Find the list to pick the desired Wifi Protected Setup reference to the WPS pin.
  • Once you have done with the WPS pin, the unique code will be produced.
  • Try to note down the WPS pin which should be used within a few seconds and the effective process must be completed at once.
  • If your WPS pin has been produced, specify the WPS pin on the device.
  • Finally, if the pin has been mentioned properly, you need to wait for the process to take place safely.
  • Switch ON the HP printer.
  • Then, access the Control Panel.
  • Here, you need to select Wireless Settings.
  • Prefer the WPS. This will provide a list.
  • The WPS pin option will be seen here to pick it up.
  • First, turn ON the HP printer.
  • Move over and find the button with a wireless icon.
  • Press and hold it down to start the efficient WPS connection.

The above steps will support connecting the HP printer to a wireless connection through the support of the WPS push button or the WPS pin method.

When you find any issues during the process of HP printer to a wireless connection via the WPS method, contact us. We are here to guide you in completing the connection process in no time with perfect Technical Team guidance.