HP Smart Tank Plus 651 Printer Setup

Speed up your printing task by downloading HP Smart tank plus 651 driver. Get our Expert Guidance on New Printer Setup!

HP Smart Tank Plus 651 - Overview

HP offers easy-to-fill ink bottles, which is sufficient to print for up to 2 years. The main features are print, scan, fax, and copy along with the 35-page automatic document feeder. Now, connect it to either MAC or Windows 10 OS wireless and install the HP Smart Tank plus 651 driver.

What do we assist you with?

HP Smart Tank Plus 651 First Time Printer Setup

Unpacking the printer:

  • To begin with, peel off the tape to take out your HP Smart Tank plus 651 Wireless All in one printer.
  • Then, take the ends of the power cord and connect to your printer & socket.
  • Next, switch on your printer.

Filling the ink tank:

  • Next, clear the lid on your tank and ink bottle.
  • Note: Choose the ink bottle and tank of the same color.
  • Now, invert the bottle carefully to secure it on the opening of the tank.
  • The ink flows into the tank in a snap. After filling, do these steps for the remaining color tank.

Inserting the printheads:

  • Initially, unlock the cover to start installing.
  • Then, remove the plastic cover on the new printhead.
  • Now, peel the colored screw and pull-tab on it.
  • Finally, fix them by sliding them in the upward direction.

Loading the papers:

  • Firstly, select the papers and order them without any folds.
  • Now, pull out the tray and place the well-ordered papers.
  • Lastly, close the tray and print a test page.
HP Smart Tank Plus 651 Driver Setup
HP Smart Tank Plus 651 Driver Setup

HP Smart Tank 651 Printer Setup Mode

When you want to print any document, a connection is more important. The connection can be either through USB or wifi. Now, select as you wish to connect your device. We recommend the wifi connection for any HP Smart Tank model. When connected via wireless, it gives more sophisticated features, including virtual printing

HP Smart Tank 651 USB Setup

Enjoy full-fledged features out of your HP Smart Tank 651 printer with the USB setup. Out of all the connectivity features, it is an apt choice to choose the USB. Now, select the instructions to connect via USB.

  • To begin with, get a twist-free USB cable having length 3 meters.
  • After that, start the HP Smart tank plus 651 firmware download from the product setup page.
  • Now, select the drivers to download from the website.
  • While installing the driver, the connection screen pops-up on the screen.
  • Here, select your connection type as “USB” and then connect the selected cable.
  • Lastly, walk through the instructions prompted by the wizard.

HP Smart Tank 651 Wireless Setup

The printer wireless mode always gives the freedom to print and scan from any location. It is the reason we suggest to choose the wireless over the primary USB. The steps followed are also easy and convenient for even beginners.

    • Firstly, ensure that you a wireless router having a WPS icon and turn it on.
    • Now, go to your printer control panel and press the Wireless button until the signal bar glows.
  • Once the printer links to the router, the wifi light remains constant.
  • After that, complete the HP smart tank 651 driver download and installation.
  • If you want our live wireless steps, feel free to ask us.

HP Smart Tank Plus 651 Driver and Software Download

HP Smart Tank 651 Setup Windows 10

  • Whether you connect to a desktop or laptop, it is essential to check the OS version. We made it simple for you to choose the compatible OS version with the following list. Take a look and select the OS correctly to bring the most out of the device.
  • Windows 10 OS, Windows 7 OS, 8.1, and 8, hard disk with 2GB space, IE, and USB port.

HP Smart Tank 651 Setup Mac

  • Learn the suitable MAC OS versions before you connect with your product. Go through the upcoming OS version list to know supporting MAC OS. Once referred and selected the Mac correctly, you are good to connect the printer.
  • Mac OS X El Capitan v10.11, v10.12, X v10.13, and v10.14 Mojave. Choose either of the Mac versions and get the network connection.

HP Smart Tank 651 Printer Wireless Setup

HP Smart Tank Plus 651 Wireless Setup - Windows 10

The wireless connection is possible with the latest HP Smart app. Now, use the steps for configuring the Mac with the HP Plus 651.

  • Initially, select the Wireless button and Cancel on your printer panel to remove any error state.
  • After that, go to the Windows computer to find the HP Smart install app.
  • If it not downloaded on the computer, download the new version of the HP Smart App.
  • Now, install the software using the prompted instructions.
  • Then, go to the app and select the Plus symbol and choose your printer.
  • After that, open the Devices & Printer to view the list.
  • Then, click on Add a device and choose your printer to add.

HP Smart Tank Plus 651 Wireless Setup - Mac

Wireless Setup for Mac with a note (Points) 120
We strongly recommend wireless connection for HP 651 printer with Mac. Now, use the HP Smart application to establish the connection.

  • Initially, ensure that you have downloaded the HP Smart app.
  • If you get the update notification while you open your app, complete the update.
  • Or else, uninstall the app and download and install the app.
  • After the installation, double-click on the app to select the Printers.
  • Next, click on the Set up a new printer option and follow the onscreen steps.
  • Then, add the HP 651 printer to your Mac with the Apple Menu.
  • Now, select the Printers & Scanners to find your printer.
  • Lastly, click on the “+” sign and choose the 651 printer.

HP Smart Tank 651 Printer Connection to Computer

HP Smart Tank 651 Printer Connection to Windows 10

  • Initially, select the printer driver page through the browser.
  • Next, find the search field to key in the printer model and also the OS version.
  • Then, go through the drivers available for your Smart 651 printer.
  • After that, choose the one, which supports all features.
  • To choose the driver, click on the Download option and download it.
  • Now, run the software with the Smart Tank plus 651 setup manual instructions.
  • Here, choose the connection that you need for your printer.
  • After that, select the “USB” and connect the USB cable.

HP Smart Tank 651 Printer Connection to Mac

  • To begin with, check the network connection on the Mac and go to the setup page.
  • Then, select your device model and OS from the drop-down list.
  • Now, wait until the list of the driver appears for your reference.
  • On you have got the list, choose the most suitable driver for the best operations.
  • Next, download via the Download button and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Then, open your driver file to run the downloaded Smart tank plus 651 software.
  • Finally, follow the onscreen instructions for the connection setup.