HP Smart Tank Plus 651 Printer won’t connect to Wi-Fi

Are you facing the Printer that Won’t connect to a Wi-Fi network error alert on your desired HP Smart Tank plus 651 printers? Relax and just follow the given bunch of guidelines to overcome this simple & repeated error on every HP printer.

Use the given steps to tackle the HP Smart Tank Plus 651 Network error:

Note: Try to make the network constant and attempt the troubleshooting procedure:

  • Make sure you have downloaded and installed the required drivers & software for your respective HP Printer.
  • Then, you need to register the printer to the HP account and proceed next.
  • Make confirmation on the input tray for its sufficient paper sheets to the carriage tray. 
  • Try to load the quality and recommended size paper sheets to stack if not done previously.
  • Then, use the HP Manual and turn ON the printer to access it.
  • Use the control panel settings on the printer and select the setup or wireless menu to pick the network settings further.
  • Click the network settings and ensure with the network credentials like name & password.
  • Make sure the power cables are connected properly to the respective ports. Use the HP Manual or Official page to refer and analyze the connection error if present.
  • Try to clear all the print queues using the settings and try to reboot the printer & system devices.
  • Use the appropriate settings to update the Firmware if present.
  • Make sure you have placed the wireless router nearby the printer for its efficient work.
  • Then, make sure there are no obstructions between the printer and system to block the signal. Which makes the signal interrupt.
  • Try to reset the printer and attempt the power cycle by unplugging the cords from the desired ports and later turning it on with the proper configuration support.
  • Now, you can attempt the print work using the network which is the default.
  • Ensure the router has its required security credentials to be actively connected throughout the printing work.
  • Do the Network configuration test print to check the network stability on your desired printer device.
  • Yet the problem persists, Call Our Technical Team for the Immediate solution and support.