HP Printer Network Setup - Overview

Connecting your HP printer to both network and the devices is now easy. You can set up the network either with a USB option or a wireless connection. You can enjoy both the classic mode of USB connection or the lively Wireless connection.


HP Printer USB Network Setup

Now you can connect the HP printer and the devices with a USB cable easily. You may need a specific USB driver and software for this. We are here to assist you with it.

  • To begin with the USB Setup for HP printer, ask our experts for the latest set of USB drivers and software.
  • Next, download the core file and initiate the AutoRun.
  • Now follow the instructions on the screen and complete the USB Driver and Software installation process.
  • Finally, connect the Printer and the devices with the USB cable when the wizard prompts.

HP Printer Wireless Setup

Now you can also connect the printer to the network and the devices through a Wireless connection.

Wireless Setup Wizard: This is a classic mode of connecting the printer to the network wireless. you can enable the Wireless Setup Wizard from the printer control panel. You need to follow the instructions on the wizard screen and enter the network password.

Wi-fi Protected Setup Mode: Wi-fi Protected Setup mode is more secure than the wizard mode. It will enable you to connect by either pushing the Wi-fi Protected Setup button or entering the Wi-fi Protected Setup(WPS) PIN for a connection. You need to enter the Wi-fi Protected Setup pin or push the Wi-fi Protected Setup button within 2 minutes from enabling it on your printer panel.

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