Wi-Fi Printer setup using USB fails with the HP Smart app on Windows 11

When you are urged to print, you may stuck with a Wi-Fi printer setup using USB fails with the HP Smart App on your windows’ Error on your printer display. 

Don’t get frustrated and set a relaxed mind to overcome the troubleshooting of the printer using the given set of step-wise. You can also use the HP Official page to get instant support from the technical team to assist or ensure with the troubleshooting instructions. 

You can also use the HP Print & Scan Doctor by downloading & installing it to detect the cause and solution for it immediately.

Make use of the given solution set to tackle the HP Printer related issues in no time:
Solution1: Check the network:

  1. First of all, if it is a wireless printer error- you need to inspect the network stability and accessibility to proceed with the initial process.
  2. Run the network diagnostic test page to check the network configuration report.
  3. If everything is fine, look whether the printer and system are connected to the same network type and name.
  4. For the best setup, place the wireless router nearby the HP Printer to get a sufficient signal to access.
  5. You can also enable the Bluetooth on your system to configure the HP Smart app.

Now, try to connect and attempt print. Yet, you face the issue- try out Solution2.

Solution2: Check the printer connection status:

  1. First, remove the Ethernet or USB cables connection from the system device. Then, proceed next.
  2. When you are connecting with the wireless printer, you need to connect both the printer and system under the same network access.
  3. Then, get near the printer and check for the wireless icon light to blow on it.
  4. If it shows a blown light to it, your wireless is active.
  5. If not, there is an issue with the wireless connection and configuration settings.
  6. Adjust the settings and look at the network status once and repeat the print work.
  7. Yet, the problem occurs, use Solution3.

Solution3: Restore network settings to default on the printer

  1. If you’re using the HP Printer supports a Touch screen. Then, get near the printer control panel to select the Network setup or settings option.
  2. Then, pick the Restore button to start the process.
  3. If the printer with buttons- you need to press the Wireless or Cancel or Attention buttons at the same time until you notice the flashlight on the power button.
  4. Wait until the restoring network progress completes and its alerts.
  5. Yet you face the same issue- Try Solution4.

Solution4: Add the HP Printer to the HP Smart app once again:

  1. With reference to the previous printer registration. Try to add the printer again to the HP Smart app using the plus-sign from the home page.
  2. Wait for the on-screen prompts to accept the Wi-Fi printer using the USB TYPE.
  3. Restart the printer and system once.
  4. Repeat the procedure with fine network access.

Still, you face trouble in operating the printer setup- Call our Technical Team for the instant solution & service.